10 Facts about Internet Security

10 Facts about Internet Security Every Professional Should Know

In these days only the laziest did not hear news stories about data breaches and attacks by hackers on businesses of all sizes. But with all that noise, it can be difficult to sort out the information that truly matters, like the hard data that helps you decide which solutions to adopt to protect your company.

For that reason, we’ve assembled some of the most telling statistics related to information security in one place— here:

  1. Cyber attacks cost businesses $400 billion every year
  2. Some 42 percent of survey respondents said security education and awareness for new employees played a role in deterring a potential criminal.
  3. There are more than 1 million unfilled information security jobs globally; by 2018 that number may be as high as 2 million
  4. The malware used in the Sony hack would have slipped past 90 percent of defenses today.
  5. The average U.S. business deals with 10,000 security alerts per day. 
  6. About 43 percent of businesses experienced a data breach in 2014.
  7. Just 21 percent of IT professionals are confident that their information security technologies can mitigate risk.
  8. As many as 75 percent of breaches go undiscovered for weeks or months.Thanks to Cody Cornell