Some tips to Host the Best Open House

Some tips to Host the Best Open House and advice for your Website and Social Media

1.   If your agent says open houses don’t work, well he’s wrong and you should consider looking for another agent.

Statistically, six percent of houses actually sell to people who attended an open house

2.   The most important open house is the first weekend you list your home.

If you’ve been on the market for weeks or months, most ready buyers will have already come by. But that first weekend is critical.

3.   Close the toilet seat lid.

Just do it. (Similarly, replace that tatty roll of loo paper with a fresh one. It will make a difference.)

4.   Open all the shades and curtains, and allow the house to be flooded with as much natural light as possible.

If your house is dark, experiment with different lighting schemes.

5.   Pets are a big no-no.

Selling a home that’s had pets living there is hard enough – you don’t have to blatantly advertise that fact. Even if you’ve got the cutest, cuddliest, most well-groomed, amazingly trained furry friend, it will always work against you when it comes to marketing your house to buyers. Be sure to keep any cages or pet dishes spotless, and do your best to eliminate any telltale smells.

6.   Not everything’s online.

Buyers go into open houses wanting as much tangible, printed information as possible. Always provide a property fact sheet that lays out essential facts, including square footage, number of rooms, etc.

7.   Update your website with open house information

But what to do if  your website look worse than its competitors? Of course, there are many different website builder`s services on the market. But tell me honestly did you ever use them? And what if you need a web form or video? And what if the competitors have social networks updated every day, and you are still fighting with strange and not always understandable menus on Facebook. And you set up an advertising company on Google and absolutely understood everything? Sorry, I do not believe it. Just like you do not spend your life trying to build a car. You buy it or use such an option as leasing.

Do not waste time and money. Just lease a website and all social networks for your Real Estate Business. Your site will start working in a few days.

Reasons for renting a website

There are several reasons why a business might rent a website instead of buying, for example:

  1. An existing website that has regular traffic and generates leads for a particular type of business is worth a great deal.
  2. Lead generation can be very expensive with leads going from $40 to $300 each for large sales so leasing an existing website can cost much less
  3. Leasing often requires only a small monthly fee instead of a large fee upfront when buying.
  4. New small business owners can benefit by saving capital.
  5. Leasing a website is a great alternative to expensive website design fees.
  6. If one is unsure their business needs a website leasing is a way to test without paying for a full price site.
  7. The owner is responsible for the technical aspects and upkeep of the site.
  8. Changes and updates are often included in the monthly fee.