Maia International. Expansion into new countries

Expansion into new countries with Maia International & Real Organic SEO.

We work with global clients to grow your
businesses – expansion.
We offer a diverse range of services that includes:

Are your products suited to your target audience in the markets you are pursuing. Who are your competition and how do you stand up to them from a product, pricing and go to market strategy point of view?
Assessing, positioning and applying for government approval to sell your products in your target markets. Clinicals, data, research to approval. We have expertise and contacts in approval offices in all of the markets we serve.
We work with you to develop a tactical GOST plan to achieve your launch or expansion objectives.
We evaluate your pricing strategy against all competitive pricing to ensure you fit into the market.++
We help you create a program to establish appropriate distribution and retail presence for your product.
We work with your distributors and retailers to give them the in store marketing tools required to ensure sell through. The success of any product lies in retail sell through.
We ensure that you have an appropriate web presence and effective social media sales and marketing presence and provide weekly content to drive consumers to traditional and online retailers.


Maia International Inc.
(with Retail and Launch) specializes in the health and wellness industries. We help our clients expand current business and open markets globally for products that facilitate a positive change.

We have an extensive network of contacts in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. We work with that network to help you achieve your distribution and revenue growth objectives.

Our principals and associates have a broad level of expertise in all facets of international distribution including, but not limited to, regulatory approvals, import duties and tariffs, local pricing and in country logistics.
We work with a broad range of existing distributors to ensure your products get the desired market penetration as quickly as possible.

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  • We are a solutions oriented company. We work with you, as part of your team, to achieve the following;
  • Establish competitive pricing by market
  • Create Brand recognition and awareness
  • Create and grow product revenues through increased distribution.
  • Develop and implement “Off the Shelf” programs to ensure inventory turns.
  • Measure and improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • Measure and improve customer service and satisfaction.

The colours of the Maia logo represent the 7 chakras:

We choose products that address at least one of the 7 chakras, the facets of well-being, and are customer centric. Maia operates in the wellness market which comprises health, beauty, natural products and proven devices. We work with manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our offerings fall into 4 buckets to help you:

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Some result of businesses – expansion compaign for 2012-2017


average sell increasing for our clients


average more new business contact every year


more new countries in clients list after 5 years

Expansion into new countries with Maia International business packages

To launch and expand you need preparedness...into new markets and new countries.

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